ADIB KHORRAM is the author of DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY. If he's not writing (or at his day job as a graphic designer), you can probably find him trying to get his 100-yard Freestyle under a minute, learning to do a Lutz Jump, or steeping a cup of oolong. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where people don't usually talk about themselves in the third person. You can find him on Twitter (@adibkhorram), Instagram (@adibkhorram), or on the web at

Banner photograph © Afsoneh Khorram.

Interesting Facts About Me

I do not consume coffee—but I drink 1-5 cups of tea a day.

I once made eye contact with Harrison Ford. We nodded at each other.

I am allergic to sesame seeds.

I make amazing macaroni and cheese.

I like the number 5.

I will drive a long way to meet authors I love.