Adib Khorram writes books.

I remember the moment I first wanted to write—not for publishing, but for myself. I was twelve years old, and I couldn't fall asleep, and I happened to catch the last half of an episode of Babylon 5. I didn't recognize it—had never even heard of it before—but I fell in love with it. That episode was "Interludes and Examinations," by the way—and it left me in tears, despite not knowing any of the characters.

When my school offered an after-school writing lab, me and my friends signed up, and I spent the next two years of Tuesdays and Thursdays writing stories. They were awful (AWFUL!) but they were ours, and they were fun, and I have loved writing ever since.

When I went to university to study theater, I tried my hand at writing plays; and when I went to film school, I wrote two short films and a (never-produced) feature; but when I sat down and tried to write a novel, it brought back all the exuberance I felt in those days in the after-school writing lab.

Banner photograph © Afsoneh Khorram.