David Gilmour

I was eleven the first time I heard Pink Floyd. My older sister had bought PULSE on CD and liked to listen to it on repeat. I heard "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" more times than I can count. Like any little brother would be, I was instantly annoyed with my sister's music and spent the next ten years convinced I didn't like them at all.

And then I was sitting in a movie theater in Vancouver and a preview came on for a cinema showing of David Gilmour's 2006 concert at the Royal Albert Hall. As soon as that four-note riff hit, I realized I was wrong, and that "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" was in fact a terrific song. And this led to an intense year of appreciating the entire Pink Floyd and David Gilmour body of work.

So when 2016 rolled around, and I had the chance to see him live in concert for his Rattle That Lock tour, I leapt at the chance. I joined my sister and two of our closest friends in a road trip to Chicago to see David Gilmour at United Center.

The concert was incredible. INCREDIBLE. Definitely the best concert I've ever seen or heard, and one of the brightest moments in my life.

His set list the night I saw him (April 8, 2016) was:

5 A.M.
Rattle That Lock
Faces of Stone
Wish You Were Here
What Do You Want From Me
A Boat Lies Waiting
The Blue
Us And Them
In Any Tongue
High Hopes

Astronomy Domine
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Fat Old Sun
Coming Back To Life
On An Island
The Girl In The Yellow Dress
Run Like Hell

Comfortably Numb

I allowed myself about ten seconds per song to snap pictures but otherwise I had to keep my phone away. I managed to get some good pictures, which are in the gallery below.